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updates on the new site

good news. I started working on the new version of the site a couple days ago; actually I am writing this via the new backend. still a lot things to do. probably ready around the 1th of october.

by Lukas Kuster    on 08/27/2016
#site #comingsoon

Apple Maps for Web not yet announced

Yesterday, Apple announced it's Developer Conference, the WWDC. Hopefully I will be there this year too.....
Still working on the article, but here's an example of Apple Maps on websites.

This is a not yet released or announced feature by Apple!

Update 05/01/16: Apple fixed the glitch I used to get it on my server. Sorry :(

by Lukas Kuster    on 04/20/2016
#WWDC #apple

Erster Blog Post!

Bla bla bla Text. Paragraph usw. etc. first blog post

by Lukas Kuster    on 08/01/2014
#first #test

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